Development of Players 11-14

Ανάπτυξη Παικτών 11-14 ετών

The most important and critical age for player development, both older juniors and professional tennis players, is between 11 and 14 years of age. At Collective Tennis School, support for players at these ages has the greatest weight in the field of the Academy.


In order to provide the best support at these ages, Collective implements the 11-14 year old Player Development Program, based on the International Federation of Tennis’ (ITF) data, on Fitness, Mental Skills and the combination of Game Situations and Tactical Intentions, combining all the above in such a way that they are all included in the coaching process and, thus, achieving the most modern form of approach to the coaching process referred to as “Holistic Training”.


The “Development of Players 11-14” program at Collective Tennis School, is defined by specific Fitness programs, Mental Skills training programs, Match-Play training programs, coaching and competitive training plans based on repetition, scheduled matches both inland and abroad (selected individually for each player), while tennis training is done using both Technical-Centered and Game-Centered / Techno-tactical Training Methodology.


The goals and vision of Collective Tennis School for the ages of 11-14 is to produce players that have all the technical, tactical, mental and physical elements required in the highly competitive field of modern tennis, so that they can maximize their performance at the higher age categories of juniors (16 and 18).