Play and Stay

Play and Stay

At Collective Tennis School, the inclusion of children and adults in the sport of tennis is done using one of the most modern methodologies called Play and Stay.


Play and Stay is an ITF (International Tennis Federation) program for the introduction of beginner children and adults in tennis.


The principal philosophy of the program is that beginner tennis players must remain in the sport while, relying on the fact that, players of all ages must first play the game and then play tennis with the appropriate technique.


The elements that differentiate this program and make it more effective than other admissions programs is to integrate the beginner players by using different materials, adapted to their age and level (slower, bigger balls, smaller rackets, smaller stadiums). The implementation of the Game-Centered training methodology, as well as the direction of the coach, first organizes the coaching process for players to play from the first day of tennis and then to direct them to play correctly.