Development of Players Under 10

Ανάπτυξη Παικτών κάτω των 10 ετών

One of the main priorities for the long-term development of Collective Tennis School players is the evolution between 5 and 10 years of age. This development takes place at our school through the implementation of the “Development of Players Under 10” program.

“Development of Players Under 10” is a combination of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) program titled “Tennis 10s”, and specialized, for the age of 5-10 years, modern training approaches in technique, tactics and fitness that are required for the long-term development of tennis players.

The program is divided into 3 stages/levels: red, orange and green. A general description for each of the above-mentioned levels is presented in the corresponding subcategories.


Red Level

– Red is the first stage of ITF’s “Tennis 10s”.

– Age: mainly for children up to 7 years of age.

– Court dimensions: 11-12m long x 5-6m wide / height of net: 80 cm.

– Balls & Rackets: Red balls that are larger than orange, green or regular balls while being approximately 75% slower than the regular ball. Rackets for players aged 5-7 are from 19” To 21”, depending on their biological growth.

– Matches: Mainly group, but also individual matches with short duration.

– Training approach: First, players learn how to play the game by making a rally. Then they learn simple technical and tactical skills with the main goals of servicing, rallying and playing the game. The key point of the red level is for players to be able to make simple things very good and learn the technical skills necessary to apply to the tactical situations they will encounter on the orange level. At the same time, coordination and perception skills’ training is fundamental for a better and more accurate learning of technical and tactical elements of tennis.


Orange Level

  • On the orange level, players continue from the red, applying all the skills they have acquired to play the game on a larger court with a faster ball.


  • Age: Players who come from the red level and are 8-9 years old.


  • Court dimensions: 18m long x 6.5m or 8.23m wide / height of net: 80 cm.


  • Balls & Rackets: The orange ball is the same size as the regular ball but is about 50% slower than normal. In the orange court the rackets are between 23” and 25”, depending on the biological development of the player.


  • Matches: Mainly group but also individual matches (more than the red stage) with short duration.


  • Coaching Approach: Players start playing the game in all the areas of the orange court, approaching the net, learning, mainly, to attack, beginning to learn how to defend and apply the skills they have acquired from the smaller court to the larger. The game becomes more dynamic for players coming from the red stage, but at the same time it keeps combining, with new conditions and data, the coordination and perception skills. More frequent training and higher participation in matches are two crucial factors for the player’s general improvement and their further understanding in the tactics of the sport.


Green Level


  • The green level is the last one before using the regular ball. At this stage, all the fundamental skills required in tennis are being constantly trained and improved, while, at the same time, players apply and further develop their tennis by playing in all the areas of a full tennis court, with balls having different speeds, spins and bounces.


  • Age: players who come from the orange level and are 9-10 years old.



  • Court dimensions: (dimensions of the regular/full tennis court) 23.77m long x 8.23m wide / height of net: 91cm.


  • Balls & Rackets: The green ball is the same size as the regular ball but is 25% slower than normal. In the green court the rackets that are used are 25” and 26”, depending on the biological development of the players.


  • Matches: Team matches are also necessary at the green level, while individual ones are increasing, but to a degree that is fit for players 9 and 10 years old.


  • Training approach: Players begin playing the game in all areas of the full tennis court, evolving the game further, adjusting their aggressive play, developing the way they defend to a great extend, while continuing to apply the acquired skills.